Mecadaq is committed to a strict quality management policy, meeting the international requirements for the aerospace industry as well as EN/AS 9100

Firmly focused on performance and continuous improvement, the Group’s quality process is based on four fundamental themes :

Respect for delivery dates and product quality

Improving productivity and competitiveness

Our availability and reactivity

Constant improvement of our organization and risk management

Mecadaq Group’s quality management system is a truly global approach to customer satisfaction. The requirements are applied at all levels and are at the heart of each of the company’s departments.

The scope of our quality standards includes our customers, of course, but also includes our employees as well as environmental concerns.

We are constantly implementing initiatives to help us meet our commitments, including, but not limited to:

  • Risk analysis
  • Assessment using indicators (KPIs, Customer satisfaction, delivery time and product compliance)
  • Listening to and anticipating the needs of our customers
  • Deployment of adequate human and material resources
  • Manual machine operation
  • Improving performance through training and innovation
  • Management and well-planned structuring of our skills (technical and human)

Evolving in a complex and constantly changing environment, it is a priority to regularly review our quality management system in order to identify areas for improvement, highlight effective processes and adjust or reorient our strategies so that we always offer an industry compliant and cutting-edge system.