The oil mist extractor

People are a priority at Mecadaq Group. The well-being of our employees is not an option; we consider this to be a real added value to our company.

Therefore, the investments made throughout the last few years concern our industrial and technical means as much as our human ones.

Installation of an oil mist extractor : this captures the oil mist generated by the machines, which is then reprocessed, filtered and released, removing 99% of particles from the air.

Benefits :

  • Limits air pollution
  • Comfort for employees: odor reduction, air purification

Customer satisfaction survey

A detailed questionnaire is submitted annually to our partners so we can better understand their expectations and ask for their feedback about the Customer / Supplier relationship.

Our customer satisfaction survey is a true analysis tool and vector for improvements and allows us to identify and prioritize areas for improvement in response to our customers’ needs.